June 3, 2011

Reclaiming my childhood summer

It's June 3rd.

It's June 3rd!

Wait...it's June! It's summer!!

Now...of course...according to the calendar...summer doesn't officially start until June 21, at 1:16 PM....but that's beside the point. By the way, what that means is:

The first day of summer: the summer solstice—is the longest day of the year, the Sun reaches its most northern point in the sky at local noon. After this date, the days start getting shorter. {*copied this from Farmers Almanac website}

So, this "it's summer" thought popped into my head this morning as I was getting fresh feed and water for my chickens. I told myself to "think summer" from now on and to try to put myself in that childlike mindset of what summer is, what summer means and really enjoy it!

The first thing that came to my mind was how I would have already been out of school by now {if I was a kid} and I would be waking up with a smile on my face knowing that the day was mine!

The day was mine to play, swim, lay in the grass, climb trees, ride bikes and skateboards, swing and climb all over the swingset like a monkey, roam the woods behind the house...basically to spend the ENTIRE day outside.

I found myself longing for those days. To just have one day like that as an adult...it would be so good!

Even if I tried to have a day like that...which... actually...I could come pretty close...as an adult...there are things you just can't escape.

I have to feed my kids and hubby, the bills and the mounding laundry will inevitably sneak their way back into my mind...people will stop by, and I will have to entertain, or at least be cordial.

The dishes will pile up and I will look at the Kool Aid spills on the kitchen floor until they dry and our bare feet are sticking to the floor..ugh, I hate that feeling. I am no neat freak by any means...I want to be a neat freak...I am a neat freak wanna-be....but it is just not in me...but anyhow, the mounting mess would still get to me because I will think about how much I have to do later. And for some reason, that overwhelms me.

So...I'm wondering...is it possible to have a carefree summer day?

I mean...a for real...really, really...for real...childlike, carefree, no responsibilities...carefree day. I think if I plan ahead, it just might be possible. How funny is that. There has to be planning to do something that's carefree!
Ha Ha Ha!!! LOL!

I have to plan everything out ahead of time so I can try to have one "childlike" summer day. I would have to make dinner the day before...something easy that everyone can just grab when they get hungry.

My kids are 9 and 12 so that should be no problem. We can use all disposable plates and silverware. I can get all the dishes and laundry done...or done enough...the day before. I don't have to answer the phone...I can screen the calls...wait...screening calls is still acting responsibly. Darn!

But, one thing I can't change..I don't think I can convince my kids to not fight or get into any disagreements on what's fair and not fair

I don't think I can convince them to not come running to me to solve the problem of how someone stayed too long on base during tag, or how someone never goes to get the ball when it goes too far, or how someone counts too fast during hide and go seek or he hit me for no reason, or he's hogging the tree house swing! Dear Lord...please help me on this one! So if I can get them to solve their own problems for one day...and believe me, I try to get them to do this anyway...I just might be able to pull this off.

Even if this completely carefree day never comes for me this summer...
I vow..{repeat after me}
I vow...
to take time...
this summer...
to do anything and nothing...
to consciously make the effort...
to have a child's mindset...
to lay in the grass...
look up at the clouds...
read a book in the shade...
drink some Kool Aid...
go swimming at least once a month...
ride a bike...
catch lightning bugs...
eat popsicles...
and take a walk in the woods.

It's summer!
Slow down and enjoy this beautiful earth
and the time you have been blessed to be able to appreciate it!


  1. I love this post. I want a summer day too. I guess the closest I come to it is a couple days of vacation where I have someone to clean up the hotel after me and someone in a restaurant to cook for me. I don't have kids, so I don't have the "it's not fair" syndrome.
    P.S. I'm also a neat-freak wanna-be. Think we'll ever achieve it?

  2. Good luck with that. It sure is a fun post though. My husband and I always take Memorial Day off and though we do a project we try to make it fun time. Naps at two, lots of grilling, and ice cream sandwiches. I love the frog photos. Looks like the little guys we have around here. Hope your summer is fun!

  3. I love this philosophy! You really should try it one day. I also feel like the days of being carefree are gone. There are always tasks on my to do list and it seems like I never finish that list either.

    Your photos remind me so much of how I spent my childhood days. We too had a tire swing on the street I grew up on and a tree house much like the one in your picture. Enjoy the lazy days of summer!

  4. You forgot the whined. ."He's LOOKING at ME!!" I wish you the very best of luck getting your childlike day. .but my suggestion. .do it when your kids are gone for the day :-). .like at the "attend work with your dad" day at his work place. .they do have one of those days, don't they?? Have a great summer

  5. Oh my goodness! I love your post!!!! Also the photo of the pirate flag. Oh yes, the pledge. It's great. I can't believe around here our schools aren't out of school yet. Last day for kids is the 10th and last day for staff is the 17th. Shoot me now! I can't stand it! Pray that I make it that long.